Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Inspiration of Colour

Where does your beading inspiration come from?
Whenever I read any artist's profile many of them site nature as where they get a lot of their inspiration.

For me a lot of my colour ideas come from what I feel is pleasing the eye, looking through all the beading mags, and websites of gorgeous designs. It amazes me how different designs make colour combinations look either great or not so great.  I also love watching what colour choices my customers tend towards when learning to stitch a project. I definitely learn from them as they all choose things I would never have dreamed of using together.

Interestingly someone who blows me away with how she chooses colour is my 8yr old daughter Peita. She is quite a big fan of most things arty and has always sorted and stacked felt pens, blocks, erasers, you name it - and of course my beads. When I first decided to teach her bead stringing a few years ago she actually spent nearly an hour sorting piles of beads into colours, shapes and sizes. I'm not sure how much beading she actually did.

The above is the first time I took a photo of Peita's colour combinations. This was done with Beado's (you know create design and spray with water so they stick together). She created a whole pattern on the template with all of these colours and it looked awesome. This was when she was 6 or 7.

Sorry about photo quality as taken on phone due to broken camera. Here is my beautiful Peita. After making her own necklace with pony beads she decided to sort them all into colour combos.

Some great colour combinations here. Might have to zoom in on this for some inspiration.

And of course Alana (6.5yrs) is a big fan of pink and yellow a the moment but decided to add a bit of purple in that day.

Happy Beading in your world. Would love to hear about what inspires you with colour.

Diana x


  1. She has an eye for colour. I think she will be your "second in charge" someday :)

  2. I was just about to comment the same thing as Bobbie! I can imagine she will be your teaching and retail assistant one day :)

    1. Haha Mel - she will love to hear that - can just imagine the look on her face.

  3. Diana, I love it that your daughters are inspired at such a young age! My 3 (almost 4) year old niece LOVES making jewelry with me. Most often, I make a big loop on memory wire and she has her own pony beads she plays with, but even at 3, her colors amaze me! Have a terrific evening!

  4. Hiya Dawn, it is actually morning here in New Zealand, haven't quite reached midday yet, and the sun is shining on a winters day - Yay! Looking like we are are actually heading for 19 degrees C so more like autumn temps. Actually it doesn't really ever get very cold here in Auckland. Great to hear how much your niece loves the beads too. Peita has been a sorter ever since she could. She has given Flat Peyote a go and follows the graph well, she just hasn't finished what she started. Wishing you a great evening x

  5. beading is joy, beading is fun - a wonderful task of children - the artists of tomorrow ;D sunny greetings Peggy

  6. Totally Agree Peggy - lovely to hear from you :)