Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My Studio

This is my dream for a beading studio - finally reaching the reality stage back in October 2011.

What began as a couple of beading classes in 2007, then more private tuition, making specifically wedding jewellery for New Zealand Brides, and countless hours of thumbing through favourite beading magazine, somehow morphed into my own little studio/shop and ME teaching the beading classes.

Who would have thought ha - I know my Mum didn't. She still thinks it's hillarious that I am doing this crafting lark at all. You see my Mum, elder sister and myself are all Aquarian's. Aquarian's are supposed to be crafty - someone just forgot to tell me growing up - I just wasn't interested. (unless you call admin, accounting and sports crafty) Both my sister and mother are very much into their crafty things. My sister can sew, paint, cross stitch and has always been in to these. My Mum is a member of the Floral Art Society in New Zealand and her creations are phenominal. Obviously my Crafty streak came to me later in life. I was 36 when I started beading and look where I am now at 41. Beading is my passion and addiction, and my chance to relax and destress when time calls for it. My deductions are that January Aquarians who are on the cusp of Capricorn (Me) are just not as crafty as February ones (My Mum and Sister)

Anyway, take a look inside my studio and see where my love of bead weaving and embroidery has taken me thus far.

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